With over 15 years of experience in various manufacturing and trading sectors in the supply and distribution of petrochemical and petroleum products, Energy Sazan-e Faraghare is the first producer of fire gel and industrial alcohol in Iran under different brands (Fire Gel, Soori, Bistech, 33, 21, and Nozhen) and holds international standards for quality management, customer satisfaction, and safety and health from European institutes. We believe that being a leader in domestic and foreign trade does not necessarily mean being the number one, but it means having a credible and reliable title and full commitment to customers.

The vision of Energy Sazan-e Faraghare is to continue the process of qualitative and quantitative growth of the working structure and products in order to have a brilliant presence in global markets as a successful Iranian producer. Fortunately, by exporting products to 20 countries under brands such as ZJ, Pamchal, Magic Fire, Al-Ghadir, Oil Gas, Amir Gas, Blue Flame, Asia Energy, and Gel Magic, this company has been awarded as one of the top 100 exporters of Iran.

Hamid Safaei

The Managing Director